How to Make a Good Steak

How to Make a Good Steak

How to Make a Good Steak is a question you must have asked yourself a number of times if you are the carnivorous type like my humble self. The real question however is how many beautiful and costly pieces of meat have you ruined under the assumption that cooking a steak comes boils down to throwing it in a hot pan and frying it to death. Well, the reality is, that there are a number of ”dos” and ”fon’ts” to consider if you was to achieve a steak house experience at home.Today I am cooking a T-bone steak, but the technique is same for a Porterhouse, rib eye or any other steak you have. The quality of the meat is of course crucial for the end result.


1 T-bone, Porterhouse or rib eye steak
1 rosemary sprig
1 garlic clove
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
canola or corn oil
a lump of soft butter

  1. Buy the right steak, it must be at least 1.5 inch thick. Look for marbling, this is what will give you flavor. And of course buy the best quality you can afford.
  2. To clean the steak, wipe it with a damp tea tower and then pat it dry. Do not run it under water.
  3. Season it generously with just freshly ground black pepper and sea salt or kosher salt, do not use table salt as it does not penetrate the meat properly.
  4. Let it come to room temperature before cooking it, leave on the countertop for 1 hours to air dry.
  5. Brush the stake with canola or corn oil, which have high burning temperature and do not add oil to the pan.
  6. Heat the pan until almost smoking, preferably use cast iron grilling pan.
  7. Always put down first the prettier side and once you put it in the pan do not touch it until is time to flip it, about 6 minutes per side for medium rare. Try figuring out the doneness by pressing on the meat, you will develop this skill with experience. Alternatively make a small incision close to the bone.
  8. After flipping, gently rub the cooked side of the stake with garlic and place a rosemary sprig over it to  flavor the meat.
  9. When ready, transfer the steak to a flat dish, place a lump of butter over it, cover loosely with foil and let it rest for at least 10-15 minutes. Do not discard the juices from the plate, those are packed with flavor.
  10. Transfer the rested stake to a cutting board, using a sharp knife release the meat from the bone with a single clean cut and then cut across on thick slices to preserve the moisture in each bite.
  11. Pour the juices accumulated in the dish in which the meat was resting over the carved steak.
  12. Finish up the steak with a pinch of sea salt and serve.

Wine suggestion: Serve with a full bodied red wine such as Chateauneuf Du Pape.


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