Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu 2015

Christmas day, being the most special day of the years for me, is about celebrating the power of love with those who are dearest to us. It is not about serving the fanciest Christmas menu, but about making it feel cozy and special by infusing it with love and affection. Up until a few years ago, Christmas was always celebrated at home and in a close family circle, but as our family now lives in expatriation we have started celebrating with friends and fellow expats. Every recipe in this menu offers make it ahead tips. By following them you can do most of the cooking the day before, then simply assemble the courses on Christmas day and make the most of this magically beautiful day of the year.


 Holiday Bread Wreat and Camembert with Garlic and Rosemary


Beet and Ricotta Tort

First Course

 Turkey Terrine with butter and toasted baguette

Main Course

Rabbit Confit with Potato and Beef Roses


White Forest Cake

Wine pairing suggestions are included in the recipes.