Lena Gashpar

Hi, I am Lena, the voice behind this blog. I love to eat, play with and share beautiful food. I develop, style and publish the recipes you find here. My husband, Alex helps photograph and taste-test them (he works particularly hard on the dessert section) and our adorable children Jasmine and David are my angels of inspiration and encouragement.

We are from Montreal, Canada but have been fortunate to be traveling the worlds for the last several years. We now live in Kenya and love it. Before moving to Nairobi we spend 2 years in Beirut, savoring the flavors of the Middle East. What our next destination will be, we don’t know yet, but every journey is a blessing inspiring yet another culinary adventure.

If I have to summarize in a few words what Lena’s Cuisine is about, it would probably be ‘entertaining in style made easy’. My passion and goal is to reinvente culinary classics into healthier, easier and quicker to make but decadent dishes. Our house is the scene of frequent dinner, brunch, lunch, tapas and wine & cheese parties and with time and experience, organizing a stress free get-together became a special interest of mine which I like to share with you. Suggested party menus and ‘do it ahead tips’ are some of the ideas I develop to help people organize, execute and actually enjoy their own party to the fullest. 

However, life is not always a party and this blog is not only about it. This may sound cheesy but my food is about love, about  showing it to my loved ones and about sharing with you how cooking for family and friends can make life happier and fuller. Its about relationships, and how a simple gesture of recreating a culinary memory from childhood for someone you love can be another way of saying “I love you”.

A few food related facts about me:

I collect cookbook …. a lot of cookbook ….

I am obsessed with raw fish and white chocolate.

I would choose a pickle over a candy.

I dream about food every night…almost…must be an occupational hazard.

I cook with wine…in both senses…

My adorable little daughter Jasmine is my biggest fan.

If am asked to chose one of the world cuisines for my last meal, I would at first hesitate between French and Japanese but would eventually chose French.

Cooking has a magically therapeutical effect on me, it makes me a better person.


Get in touch with me at: www.lenacuisine@gmail.com

Photography by Zachary Saitoti

Published in Healthy Woman Magazine in March 2015.


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